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Looking for a new ghoul-friend? A boyfriend with some bite? A partner that's just your (blood) type?

Welcome to Date of the Dead, an unforgettable trip to the underworld that allows you to live out your most ghoulish of desires. When a bureaucratic mishap leaves you stranded in purgatory, it is up to you to explore the treacherous world of the undead - and maybe flirt with a few paranormal cuties while you’re at it. 

Gain your chosen beau’s attention by correctly navigating your interactions- be successful and leave the underworld in the arms of a supernatural sweetheart. But beware, provoke their ire and you may find your trip to the land of the undead becomes more permanent than intended….


  • Story and character driven gameplay
  • LGBT+ characters and romance options
  • Seven diverse characters to romance
  • Simple click-and-point mechanics
  • Unique, stylised illustration

A Few Notes....

This demo should take about 15-20 minutes to play. 

THIS GAME WILL NOT WORK ON MOBILE OR TABLET. Please play on browser only. If you are unable to do this, you can watch gameplay of the demo via the link at the top of the page, or here

Date of the Dead was made with Ren'Py, which is still in the beta stage of publishing games via browser so the demo may take a few seconds to load and there may be a few audio issues. If you encounter any major bugs or difficulties in playing, please contact me on instagram @dateofthedead. 

For more information on Ren'Py, please see here.  Ren'Py is a free and very versatile visual novel and dating sim engine and I would highly recommend it. 


'Self-Inflicted Solitude'

Written and Performed by Harlow Diggs

Instagram:    @harlow_diggs

Soundcloud:    Harl0w

Interested in the future of Date of the Dead?

Then follow @dateofthedead on instagram for updates!

DOTD is a one-woman project, so if you'd like to support my other work, feel free to follow me at @snotgreengirl on instagram. 


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I really love this demo!!!! its seeems like such a promesing game! the characters seem quite interisting, honestly cant wait for the full game!

keep up the good work devs!!!

I love this demo! It's great when a "dating sim" allows you to romance all of the characters (and when pronouns and names and such are allowed to be ambiguous). I also just love the ambiance and art style -- it's dark and saddening yet somehow comforting in a way? I think it really reflects the theme of the game overall, and the music definitely adds to that! I'm definitely looking forward to any updates you might have! :)


Thank you so much briellek! That's really thoughtful of you and I'm glad you enjoyed the game so much! I'm currently in the process of creating the full game and I'm looking forward to releasing it (hopefully) this year :)


I'm so happy I can romance the skeleton! C:


What kind of game dev would I be if I didn't let people romance the skeleton!? :)

i'm so excited for the future updates! game's really interesting and i'm curious about the characters really looking forward to play the game once it's done

Thank you so much! I'm excited to make it 🥰 you can head over to my Kickstarter if you like to get an idea of the game's progress!


Hi Maladriots, if you mean will the full game have to be bought then yes! If the Kickstarter is fully funded then I plan to make the game available on Steam and at what I hope is an affordable price - you can pledge to receive the full game as one of the KS rewards :)

I'm really glad you enjoyed the game!

oh wow!! i really really liked this so so much!! i made an account just so i could say so! the whole spooky vibe i love!! i'm already in love with fay and it's just the demo haha!

Thank you so much! Im so glad you enjoyed it 💕💕 If you want to see updates about the full game you can check out the Kickstarter :D 

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The Kickstarter is now Live 💀✨

i absolutely loved this, the vibes are just so cool!!! when do we get the full version???

Thank you so much gothgoblin! I'm launching a Kickstarter at the end of this month, and you'll find more news about the full game then! I'll post here and on social media when it's ready! x

i enjoyed this a lot i hope this game will be better in the future

Thank you, a Kickstarter is in the works, so hopefully we will see a completed version soon :)

I loveeedddd this!!

Thank you so much jammiejams! I'm glad you enjoyed it <3

I want to be with Death lowkey. That would be so weirdly cool. I love this game already.

Thank you so much~

I think Death will make a great SO tbh, their hands are a bit cold, but their heart is in the right place x

i need more! It was so good

Thank you! I'm so glad you had fun with it <3 

There should be some news about the full length game in the next month or so, so keep your eyes peeled x

im so so so excited for the full game this was so lovely i want to give everyone a hug!! amazing art

Thank you so much! I'm really happy you enjoyed it~~

Especially glad to hear how huggable my characters are <3 best compliment you can get as a dating sim developer really x

holy crap, this game is so good!!!! man, i'll definitely wait and look out for the full game!!! this is so cool!! like, the music, the color scheme, the characters-- they're all so interesting!! and the way death is awkward with the mishap is funny!! man, i'm really really really really really excited!!!! great job kgillon!!! this is super duper awesome!!


thank you so much!!  I'm so glad you enjoyed it, that really good of you to say! I'm going to try and get going pretty soon with the full version fingers crossed- I'm glad there are people that enjoy cute monsters as much as me in the meantime :D 


im goth so i love this game

Ah thank you!  Its a pretty goth centric game 


Ahh this is so cool! I love all the point and click elements and the characters are all really charming! My fave is the zombie jock who works part time as a bartender... but also Death is kind of cute for some reason??? I don't know who to choose! 💖


Thank you so much! Also I can't believe I haven't played Opona yet, I meant to play it all the way back in April but I must have gotten distracted!

I'm glad you liked Ken, I feel like he's not gotten a lot of attention - he has my heart for sure though ❤️